Unique power energy saving system

Energy Hawk is a unique electrical management system that reduces your electricity consumption and saves you money on your power bills.

Our custom designed system can reduce bills by 10-20% or more by harvesting and recycling the energy in the system that is normally lost from electrical inefficiency.

The captured energy cycles back into your facility for useful work. The entire facility’s power is conditioned to reach maximum efficiency.

This is a unique, patented process that is very different from anything else the market.

How does Energy Hawk work?

All of the electrical energy coming into a facility is known as Apparent Power (kVA). However, this is not the energy you get to use in your facility. The power you actually use is defined as the Real Power. This is always lower than the Apparent Power because of inherent losses in electrical lines, equipment characteristics and other inefficiencies.

So, even though you pay for the full amount of the Apparent Power, in reality a portion of the power entering your electrical system is lost because it is stored and discharged by inductive motors, transformers or solenoids. The system is not 100% efficient.

This lost power, the difference between the Apparent and Real Power, is referred to as Reactive Power (kVAr). It is Power you pay for but do not get to use.


However, it is now possible to recycle this electricity and save money through Energy Hawk’s technology.

Energy Hawk provides these benefits:

  • Saves money on energy bills by reducing kilowatt consumption​
  • Increases Power Factor within the system and helps lower associated costs
  • Balances and raises the voltage of the entire system across all phases
  • Reduces voltage drops when demand increases
  • Eliminates line surges and sags
  • Provides whole-facility surge protection up to 50,000 Volts
  • Increases equipment life-span
  • Reduces equipment maintenance costs 
  • Eliminates brownouts by smoothing the electricity being supplied to the facility
  • Eliminates damaging harmonic frequencies, protecting sensitive electronics and reducing motor heat and wear.

Energy Hawk is a highly effective and proven technology with applications in manufacturing factories, mining and quarry operations, hotels and resorts, office buildings, data centers, municipal and military operation bases and many other sectors.

Contact us now to discuss how Energy Hawk can benefit your business.

Find out how you can save money now using Energy Hawk.

Energy Hawk is a unique energy conditioning system that saves you money.

If you are interested in saving money on your electric bill, extending the useful life of your equipment and protecting your facility against damaging power fluctuations then contact us today.

Contact us now to discuss how Energy Hawk can benefit your business.