Energy Saving technology available now

Energy Hawk provide energy-conscious products for commercial, industrial and residential applications. 

We are committed to reducing energy costs and consumption, and extending the longevity of energized equipment, with the global vision of conserving our natural resources.  We believe the steps we take today determine the sustainability of the world we will share tomorrow.  Integrating energy efficiency equipment in every home and business is a vital way we can all contribute toward a cleaner, greener environment.

The Energy Hawk is a custom-built solution incorporating patented energy recapture technology and a computerised variable kVAr capacitor system to maximize efficiency and reduction of kiloWatts in all facilities. Its onboard monitoring system also allows facility energy managers to view real-time performance, download data to track usage and trends, and even adjust certain parameters from an internet or WiFi connection.

Why choose Energy Hawk?

Energy Hawk is a unique energy efficiency and management system.

If you are interested in saving money on your electric bill, extending the useful life of your equipment and protecting your facility against damaging power fluctuations then contact us today.

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