How does Energy Hawk work?

Energy Hawk is a unique electrical management and efficiency system that achieves remarkable kW savings, voltage balancing, amperage reduction, lowering of kVA, power factor correction, kVAr harvesting & recycling and surge protection.


How it Works: 

All electrical energy coming into a facility is known as Apparent Power, and the power we actually use is defined as Real Power.  Even though you pay for it, a portion of the power entering your electrical system is stored in and discharged by inductive motors, transformers or solenoids.  This is referred to as Reactive Power (kVAr).  It increases the amount of Apparent Power (kVA) in the distribution system.  High Reactive and Apparent power causes the Power Factor to decrease.  Facilities with a low Power Factor and high Reactive Power will experience unduly high electric bills.

The ultimate goal is to bring Apparent Power and Real Power closer together by raising Power Factor (the ratio of real power flowing to the load, to the apparent power in the circuit), and to go an important step further: reduce real kiloWatt consumption from the electric utility provider.

Patented technology enables Energy Hawk to capture the Reactive Power, store it, and put it back into the system evenly across all phases as it is needed.  Phase balancing is accomplished by a series of components that are wired in a unique configuration.

The capacitors are large, 3-phase US-manufactured industrial-rated quality, and the contactors are bolt-affixed copper instead of screw-affixed aluminum.  Capacitors are switched on and off in response to facility demand. A digital monitor system controls the sensitivity and rate of capacitor switching, maximizing efficiency.  This control center also provides remote access via a secure web portal, so facility managers always have real-time access to Energy Hawk.

By capturing and balancing the energy, Energy Hawk ensures that equipment is running at its optimum voltage, which results in fewer mechanical problems and lower maintenance costs.  This increases the lifespan and productivity of your equipment.


  • Balances voltage across all phases (legs)
  • Balances the load, and eliminates or significantly reduces line harmonics between phases
  • Reduces Reactive Power loss
  • Reduces spikes in your energy demand, lowering your peak demand charges
  • Reduces device vibration, noise and heat (motors become more efficient & run cooler)
  • Provides surge protection — absorbing power spikes up to 50,000 volts
  • Increases lumens (amount of brightness) in your existing lighting system
  • Lowers lighting maintenance costs by extending the life of LED lights, bulbs and ballasts
  • Requires no special cooling or air conditioned environment
  • May be installed outdoors and in any production environment, as specific NEMA enclosure requirements can be accommodated
  • Protects computers, operating systems, timers, relays, security systems, surveillance cameras and other sensitive low voltage equipment.

10 year Comprehensive Warranty with Annual Certification Program ensures your Energy Hawk is always working for you.